Frequently asked questions

The store is located at 13385 Folsom Boulevard, Suite 400, in the same shopping center as Dos Coyotes and Jamba Juice.

Starting May 1 2021, we once again partner with Granite City Co-Working as a “pop up” pickup location from their Event Center on Gold Lake Drive, right across from Lake Natoma Inn.

Booking online is fast and easy. You can also see availability in real time.

Go to or call (916) 294-0048 if you have any additional questions.

We provide all the straps, soft racks you need to be able to transport your SUP safely. We teach you how to do it yourself, so you feel comfortable bring the boards back.

Safety is our number one priority, and our staff has the right to refuse to rent to a party who is not able to safely transport the boards.

For most vehicles, the answer is Yes!

We can provide soft racks and straps, and show you how to do it yourself.

As each vehicle differs in shape and size, sometimes a board cannot be transported as originally planned, and an inflatable board inside your vehicle will be the only alternative.

Safety is our number one priority, so our staff has the right to refuse to rent to a party who is not able to safely transport the boards.

We provide a board, paddle, one life vest and ankle leash.

We have a handful of youth life vests, but if paddling with a child in front, you must have a life vest for your child. We recommend bringing your child's vest if you have one. Usually they fit better!

We have some extra vests, but not always have the ability to provide multiple life vests for a single board rental. We appreciate your understanding on this matter. Please paddle safely!

As our business is seasonal, please view our current hours of operation.

We also have overnight and multiday options. Please contact us for a custom quote based on your pick up and drop off time, and the equipment you need.

Bring your ID and credit card with you for checking in.

Completing the waiver ahead of time will expedite the pick up process.

For longer paddles, don’t forget water, sunscreen and snacks!

Yes we do! Please call 916 294 0048 so we may provide you with a quote.

You can also email us with the pick up / drop off date and time for a quote.

Our website shows live availability. Due to high demand, we suggest reserving boards days in advance to secure your spot around weekends and Holidays.

Unfortunately, we currently do not provide paddle boarding lessons as permits are required to conduct business on State Park Lakes such as Lake Natoma and Folsom Lake. We are working on other options for this, but for right now, check out the How To Videos on our website.

There are multiple lake access points surrounding our store.

You can enter at Willow Creek, Negro Bar, Beals Point, Folsom Point, the historic Folsom Waterfront just to name a few. Ask our staff for recommendations depending on whether you are picnicking, swimming, or have an outing with the kids.

Most of our boards have a bungee tie downs that enable you to secure small items such as shoes and water bottles to the board. Although, there is no guarantee that the personal items will be protected from water damage or the possibility of slipping off of the board, with this in mind we recommend that important items remain on shore.

Yes, your dog is welcome to join you on the board if you are able to paddle safely. Please call ahead to notify our staff so we can choose an appropriate board.

The type of board that will work best for you depends several different factors, from storage, and the ability to transport, to paddling style and paddler experience.

Come visit the store to learn more.

We do not have lockers, please leave valuables at home.