Unpacking the Pau Hana Malibu - in Classic


Just being next to this board had us dreaming of swaying palms, cool sea breezes, and sand between our toes. It took me straight back to my last vacation in Hawaii, shaved ice in one hand and fresh caught fish tacos in the other. In between paddles of course.

We all agreed how gorgeous the graphics are on this Pau Hana Malibu in classic.

This paddle board has a wood grain look to it. It’s not actually wood.

The material is a stronger composite, giving you a more durable board.

Now, I love real wood boards. Seeing the wood grain pop underneath that shiny epoxy is absolutely breathtaking! But the truth about the wood veneer is you’ll need to take extra care of your board if you want it to look it’s best. I’d highly recommend a board bag for paddle boards made with wood and epoxy to help care for its’ delicate finish.

If you want something that can handle a little more wear and tear, this wood-looking paddle board is generally easier to maintain.

The deck is a light mint and gray, with stripes of chocolate (I’m now thinking of a choc-mint shake mm mmm). With 34 inches of width, this is an ultra stable board that will make learning to paddle board an easy task for just about anyone.

My rules for what makes it into the shop is pretty simple.
Would I want to paddle it? Would I want to own it?
Are my customers getting a quality product?
Can I carry it…?

At 31 pounds, it’s not the lightest board, but that’s expected due to its’ sturdy construction.

And, if you’ve met me, you’d know I’m 5’4” and shrinking. But, I can carry it, so I’m confident that our customers will be comfortable maneuvering this board, both on and off the water.

Pau Hana makes an assortment of attachments for their boards, and we are receiving stock in the next few weeks. A tie down system, rod holder, cup holder, paddle holder, are a few attachments on the way that are made to fit out this board.

The fin setup is single and removable. Feel free to swap it out with a fin suitable to the paddling conditions. For example, choose a short and flexible fin for shallow and rocky rivers. Switch to a touring fin for improved tracking when paddling in flat water.

When I first saw this board, my thoughts were to put some in the rental fleet for 2022. I just knew our renters would love to try it out. In particular, first time renters or first time paddle boarders.

We’ll be opening online reservations soon, so give us a call if you’d like to paddle a Malibu!

~ Jaime (owner SUP California)


Board: Pau Hana Malibu Classic

Dimensions: 10’6” x 34” x 4”

Style: Cruiser, All-around