Now that COVID is waning and paddlers are starting to travel again, a question we get asked a fair amount is: “What’s the best way to pack my paddle?” It’s actually a good question, and not one that everyone thinks about right off, as they are probably concentrating on the logistics for their paddle board. We carry around a lot of boards and paddles, and it’s always a good idea to protect your paddle.

The best way to pack a SUP paddle is in a lightweight and padded bag designed (for) specifically for paddles. We love this Black Project SUP Paddle Bag, as you can carry a few paddles in it, as well as your fin, leash, rash guard, phone and keys, if you want. It’s pretty handy, and it greatly safeguards your paddles when
placed in the back of your car or truck.

The Black Project SUP Paddle bag is designed for paddles from 57” to 84” (145cm - 213). It has a handle and shoulder strap for an easy and balanced carry. At $100, it’s well worth the investment for quality paddles.

Looking at buying a Black Project paddle? The bag is only an additional $50 when purchased together.