January Newsletter - River SUP Webinar

River SUPing with The River SUP Guy

In April 2020, I was all set to spend a day learning some river SUP skills with a couple of friends. But Covid hit. And that put a temporary stop to that idea.

By June, the restrictions had eased. With several 
precautions in place, we were able to (finally) take Davide Sartoni's river SUP class in Coloma, only a 35 min drive from the store

It was a Hella Fun time! Such an engaging activity. And the water was so refreshing, especially when you take a (surprise) swim!
Davide is a great instructor, and I have recommended his classes to anyone who is interested in getting to know the world of river SUP in our area.

Stoked we're standing!
Left to right: Monika, Jaime (me) and Angela
Photo: Davide Sartoni
Jaime Caluya (me) during my class with Dave
Photo: David Sartoni
A bit about Dave in his own words...

"I am Davide “Dave” Sartoni (aka The River SUP Guy). I was first introduced to Stand-Up Paddleboarding on the crisp, blue waters of Lake Tahoe, CA. I was captivated from the very first paddle stroke. When I later discovered that I could take a SUP down a river my life was literally turned upside down.

Today, I spend over 100 days per year riding rivers on my SUP, and sharing the stoke for the sport has become my mission! I am a certified river SUP instructor with the American Canoe Association and I am also certified in Swift Water Rescue and as a Wilderness First Responder."
Dave is also very generous with his knowledge online.
Give him follow on his website theriversupguy.com

Dave has begun to release a webinar series on improving your river SUP knowledge and skills.

The first was on January 21 - Crossing Eddy Lines: Improve Eddy Turns and Peel Outs. And if you're bummed you missed it, it's recorded. Just get in touch with Dave and he'd be happy to sort you out.

The next is on Wednesday, February 3 - Adapting the Forward Stroke to Whitewater. 6.30 - 7.30 pm PST. Cost $10.

"On the river, the forward stroke is fundamental in setting up the appropriate board angle to approach whitewater features. In this session we will discuss how to refine the forward stroke and adapt it to the whitewater environment, including paddling in a straight line without switching sides, variations to the forward stroke, increasing power for maximum efficiency, and drills to practice on flatwater and whitewater."

You can find out more and register by following this

By the way, how are you doing? I miss all our social paddles!
It was disappointing to miss a New Years Day paddle, but some things just have to wait.

Loadssss of new product coming in over the next couple of months. If you, or know of someone needing help with a board purchase this year, it's not too early to let me know what you're looking for. Some models I will only receive one or two of. That way you can be first in line for when it arrives.

For example - the Fanatic inflatable TANDEM SUP, I will only have one of. What do you think? Would you enjoy paddling together with a friend or partner? Or will that drive you crazy? At least there will be plenty of room for the dogs, the kids, and the snacks!

Stay well, and see you out there, or online :)

~ Jaime