Ready To Apply Rail Tape?

Yesterday, this E-ticket 14’ x 28” got a little extra protective care with an application of rail tape. Applying rail tape will help keep your board ding free and looking fresh. We used Puka Patch Rail Saver Pro.

So here are some tips for applying rail tape to your board.

▪️Make sure the application area is spotless and free of debris.

▪️The location of your tape will be determined by the length and thickness of your board.

▪️Make sure you are covering the side of your board, you can locate this spot by holding up something vertical as shown.

▪️When stand up paddle boarding, your paddle should exit near your feet. If you have a long board, start the application closer to the nose where you expect the paddle to enter the water, rather than covering the area closer to the tail.

▪️ Use some sticky tape to preliminarily hold the tape in position. This helps to make sure you’re happy with the area you you plan to cover as well as keeps the 7 feet of tape or so off the ground and clean.

Let us know how you do!



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