October News

Soft, Beautiful and On A Mission

We're talking about the latest product in store, Sand Cloud Towels. These hand-woven towels are your new must-have accessory on and off the water. You'll love them so much, you'll want to keep one spare in your car, a spare in your water bag, and (we know you don't want to think about it yet, but it's coming) they make gorgeous Christmas gifts for your paddle boarding friends! 

Also, their mission is to #savethefishies, with 10% of their profits put towards marine conservation. How cool is that?!

Hand Woven Turkish Cotton, Sand Slides Right Off.

A handful of used boards left.

It's hard to pinpoint an end to the SUP season in Sacramento. It's mid-October and the temps are still in the high 80's. However, we are ready to make way for some exciting, cool and great looking rental and demo boards.

We are selling our used hard boards. Only a handful remain. Come in and grab them while you can at a reduced price.

Glide 10' x 33" $550 each
BruSUP 10'8" and 11'8" $400 each
Used Paddles $50, Leash $10

Inflatables are incredibly popular for adventure seekers

Red Paddle Co 2021

There are many of you that are happy to say goodbye to 2020.
So we are rushing in 2021 a little early.
The latest inflatable paddle boards from Red Paddle Co are arriving in limited numbers. If you have had your eye on any Red paddle boards at all, now is the time to send us a message and let us know how we can help you get the board you've been wanting.

Boards arriving in the next few weeks are:
Ride 10'6" and 10'8"
Voyager 12'6" and 13'2"
Sport 11'3" and 12'6"