First Look : The Oru Beach

You’re probably asking a legitimate question: Why is a paddle board store selling kayaks? 

The truth is, we get a lot of questions about kayaks because many paddleboarders also love to kayak or have friends and family that would prefer to paddle out with them on a kayak.

Because travel is one of our passions, and we specialize in portable solutions for paddle boarding, we looked to a company that could produce a travel kayak that is also lightweight, durable, and fun to paddle. We found that (manufacturer) in California’s Oru Kayak. Their origami design and foldability caught our eye immediately. The fact that a kayaker can fold up their kayak and throw it in a closet or under their bed makes owning one so easy.

Oru produces five types of kayaks, and the Oru Beach is the second in the line after their entry-level kayak, the Oru Inlet. The Beach is a 12 foot kayak that only weighs 25 pounds and folds up to the size of a large suitcase. It’s spacious design allows for carrying of a small amount of payload, like a bag or a small-dog. We took our small dog, Mojo, out in the Beach in nearby Lake Natoma. We both had a great time.