Do You Believe in Mermaids? How about Mermen?

When you paddle and post about Lake Natoma a lot, you get to meet the regulars. You get to know their paddle craft, their bicycles. You even start to recognize their cars in the parking lot. For real. Mine has a massive decal right along the back...

S U P C A L I F O R N I A . C O M

Some things are a little harder to miss.

But you can't miss Merman Mike. Scuba gear, oxygen tank, wetsuit, big beard, and a new inflatable boat. Michael Pelley ( you gotta admit Merman Mike has a lot more catch to it ) heads down into the depths of the Lake Natoma to find valuables that others have lost and cleans up while he's at it.

His finds are impressive. His stories of reuniting lost items with rightful owners are heart warming.
You'll have to check out his Youtube video of his latests finds. This Merman is L E G I T.