Can You Have It All?

Our answer is, yes you can.
Well, maybe...

Some think because they don't have roof racks, a SUV or a truck, that they can't have a hard board. We're here to say, you've got options.

If you have a soft top, a sun roof, a moon roof, an inflatable SUP is going to be the easiest portable option for you.

For the rest of us ( like me with my two door hard top ) a soft rack like the Bote Soft Racks does the trick. I ran around town with it for a week while the husband's car, which has roof racks, was out of action.

First of all,  can't believe I managed to get a picture of my car looking this clean.

Second, the racks come on and off easily, you're given an extra set of cam straps for extra security.

Third, they are only about $60.


Now, I've gotta be real. This is a lovely bamboo board by Bishop Boards that I was cruising around with. And it's 10'6" long.
I wouldn't recommend doing this with really long boards. The length of your vehicle and your roof shape and length is also going to be a determining factor.

If in doubt, come on by, and we can put one on your ride to see if it makes sense for you.