Social Distancing? I Can Do That.


Heard of Coronavirus? Of course you have. You can't NOT hear about it.
By the way, that's a double negative. Does that make it poor grammar?
( Shrugs shoulders )


Tension is mounting. News reports are drearier by the day. And the thought of staying at home for the next two weeks makes many of us stir crazy.
With everything that's going on around the world, it's really nice to know we can turn to paddle boarding for a bit of exercise, fresh air and a break from our phones and the television.


So here are our favorite reasons to keep on paddle boarding.


Paddle boarding takes balance and coordination. It requires focus while you try to balance in under different conditions. Want to ramp things up? Try some yoga moves next time you are on the water.


Work The Whole Body.
Paddle boarding is great exercise for core strength, your back, arms and legs. It is also low impact. You can choose your intensity, and the lengths of your workouts. So even if you haven't been regular about working out, you can easily start your fitness routine again with paddle boarding.


Spend Time Outside and Explore.
If you enjoy being in nature, paddle boarding can take you places that can't be reached by foot. Do you like to camp? Some campsites are boat in only.


Relieve Stress
Here is your chance to put the phone away. Listen to the water lapping against your board. Lay out a bit and soak in some sunshine. Playing and relaxing on the water is calming and helps you to reenergize.
Try meditating on your board. It's a wonderful place to clear the mind, take some deep breaths, and be still for a while.