Opening SUP California

For most people, time and freedom of choice is a highly valued commodity. To go where you want, when you want for as long as you want. FUN shouldn’t be defined “by the hour”. SUP California was born out of my love for Stand Up Paddleboarding, my passion for travel and my desire to create a business that shares The Fun.



Another scorcher Sacramento summer, June 2018, I was stand up paddle boarding on Folsom Lake, California dreaming of being in the SUP business. That night, I became obsessed and hours of brainstorming ensued. As fate would have it, if you believe in such things, the url was for sale. So I bought it.

The original idea was to create a website sharing all the beautiful and unique places to stand up paddle board throughout the Golden State. After hours of writing and research, scouring California's landmarks and waterways, I discovered that the best places were usually off the beaten track. With such a diverse landscape, there are so many places to SUP, but the most outstanding of these are remote.

I started sharing these places on my social media handle @sup_california. It still left the questions of "How can Sacramentans explore these places without their own board? How can I make it easier to explore Northern California via SUP?

When there are questions, there are opportunities.
So I dove deep. Asked a lot of hard questions.

How much was I willing to sacrifice with family, time and money?

I guess SUP Won that internal debate.

Jaime Caluya Johnson - SUP California Owner/ Founder.